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Frequently Asked Questions


We at Ampro Productions wish to stress the importance of the DJ decision making process!!

We recognize that most of our clients do not hire music entertainment very often.


In fact  many people do not even know what to ask when hiring a DJ service.


We've assembled this list of most frequently asked questions to help you

learn more about our service and to help you make a more informed decision

about the music entertainment at your next event.




Not all DJs are created equal and your name is on the line if you are the one booking

entertainment for your event!!! Some DJs are experienced, some are not.


Some dress formal, some don't. Some have great equipment and song selection, some don't.

Some are flexible, polite, accommodating and professional, some don't have a clue!


Keep in mind:


Most DJs charge what they feel they are worth

which sometimes can be a direct reflection on confidence and ability!


Choosing a professional mobile entertainer for your event should be

similar to hiring a new employee. Any potential employee must sell themselves

and so should a quality professional entertainer. You should receive candid answers

to your questions and feel comfortable with your decision.


Today's professional mobile DJ entertainers bear very little resemblance to

the "record spinners" of the past. The new millennium DJ entertainer has

advanced to a degree where it would not be uncommon for them to utilize in

excess of $8,000 in equipment and music library for a single event!



 1.     Date Availability

Are they available for your selected date and time?


 2.     Experience

How long has the Disc Jockey Service been in business.

Are they flexible enough to accommodate your special requests?

 3.     Face to face meeting for weddings

Is your DJ willing to meet with you and discuss your likes

and dislikes, both musically and otherwise? Can they be easily

reached for last minute additions, changes and suggestions?


 4.  I want to see you 'in action' at another function.

     Where and when can I do this?


We are very hesitant to send potential clients to another client's event.

(and we will take the same approach in not sending potential clients to your event).


     Besides the potential inconvenience to our client, there is no guarantee that the

     event you visit will be anything like what you are looking for at your event.


      Please see our Testimonials page for recent

and event specific references from actual clients.



5.  Our event is not located in the East Texas area.

Do you travel? If so, what is the charge?

      Again, travel charges depend upon the circumstances, which is why we   

      customize packages for each client. We normally do not charge travel for

      events in the Huntsville, Livingston area. Beyond that, it depends upon the

      distance involved, whether or not the trip will require an overnight stay, etc.

6.  Is there a charge for set-up.

     Set-up time is included in your contract. Only under extreme cases will you

     ever be charged extra for set-up. Usually, additional charges will apply if the

     venue is extremely difficult to load into, or your event requires extra equipment.


     We will typically arrive at the venue approximately ninety minutes prior to the

     start time. We will never setup equipment while guests are present.

7.  How far ahead should we book your service?

It depends upon the date. Some clients choose to contract a year or more in

advance, while some are comfortable waiting until several months prior.


   Saturdays are the busiest nights, so waiting too long to hire a DJ

(or any service) for a Saturday might lead to disappointment.

 8.  Do you use a contract?

     Absolutely, you should get a written contract from all of your event services.


     No professional service operates without written contracts, and if a potential

     service tells you that you don't need one, turn and run! Make sure the contract

     includes the date, times and location of your event. We always send a written

     contract, guaranteeing your event details.

 9.  What are your rates?

        Our rates vary depending upon the date, time needed, location, package

        chosen, your specific needs and other variables that can impact the final rate.


        Rather than just creating a generic menu of prices, we prefer to work with

        each individual client to create a package that best suits their needs.

 10.  How much is your deposit requirement?

       Our deposit fee is $100.00 in most cases.

        Travel and Overnight Stay require additional deposits.

 11.  Can we choose the music?

Absolutely, it’s your party!

While we are happy to make suggestions, you have total control

over the music that is played at your event. We have clients who choose

every single song to be played. We have clients who leave it entirely up to us.

We will not to play rap unless you request it. Most Rap Music Is Not Suitable.

 12.  Do you have any current music?

We update our music library every month, so we always have the most current music.

Please let us know if you have specific songs or artists you want played at your event.


13.  What happens if you don’t have a song we want?

       Can we bring our own CDs?

       Due to the software we use, and the way it interacts with the database

it does not allow us to accommodate this request on the day of the event.


Our database of songs is over 100,000 mp3's and we cannot afford a corrupt

      database. We can accommodate you by working in advance with getting the songs

you will need. We rarely come across a client request that we cannot accommodate.


14.  What are the traditional ceremony songs?

        Most of our clients ask us to play prelude music prior to the ceremony, along

        with a wedding processional for the bridal entrance and a wedding recessional

        for the exit from the ceremony. Occasionally, we are asked to play special

        songs for the seating of special family members or the entrance of the bridal

        party. Also, music can accompany any special moments that sometimes occur

        during the wedding ceremony (like a candle lighting, for instance).


We are happy to make suggestions for these selections, if needed.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment.


15.  When do we need to turn in our planning information?

        We recommend that you e-mail your planner to us at least two weeks prior to

        your event, if not sooner. This gives us time to look for specific songs

        requests and to help us assign the best DJ for your event.


Can we change our time when we get closer to our date?

Typically, we can make minor adjustments to the start and end times of your event.


We understand that plans can sometimes change at the

last minute, and we try to be as accommodating as possible.


16.  Will your DJ help with announcements?

        Our DJs come equipped with a microphone and are happy to make

        announcements and to help coordinate activities at your event, if you want

        them to. We prefer to plan these activities and announcements with you ahead

        of time so there are no surprises or disappointments at your event.


17.  Your DJ won’t be obnoxious, will they?

       Absolutely not, Our DJs are trained to be professional, friendly, courteous and

       helpful. Additionally, they are trained to handle your event to your

       specifications. If you prefer a more low-key approach, the DJ will gladly

       accommodate your wishes. At a wedding reception, our DJs are trained to

      enhance the enjoyment of the event, not to try to be the "star". A wedding day

      is about you, the bride and groom, not about our DJ.


18.  What do your DJs wear?

        Unless directed otherwise, our DJs wear formal attire (suit). For casual or

        outdoor events our DJs wear something like a Polo shirt and Khakis. We can  

        put your DJ in a tuxedo, if desired, but we do not recommend it as the DJ ends

        up looking like they are in the wedding party.


19.  What kind of equipment do you use?

       Ampro Productions DJ's use state-of-the-art, professional-grade sound

       equipment and our music library is 100% mp3 for optimal sound quality.


20.  What time will your DJ arrive?

        Typically our DJs arrive 2 hours before start time. Our sound systems are pre-

        wired and usually take only an hour to set up, so we've allowed plenty of

        cushion. Please let us know if you have special time needs.


21.  Is there a charge to have my DJ setup early?

       (even if they won’t be playing music?)

       Your contract is set up so that you only pay from the time you want the DJ to

       be completely ready until the last song ends. In some cases the DJ is required

       to set up an hour or two before the start time. Since our DJs are paid for their

       time we must start paying them from the time they are ready to go, even if

       they are not actually playing music. Consequently we must charge you for the

       time they are there, regardless of whether or not they play music. Imagine

       scheduling an appointment with any other professional (like an attorney or  

       doctor), but asking them to come two hours early and wait for you without

       them billing you. Like them DJs get paid for their time.


22.  What do you need the facility to provide for you?

        A standard 6-8 foot banquet table decorated in the events theme and access to

        a standard electrical outlet within a 12 foot distance. If lighting is involved

        two separate outlets less than 12 feet away are necessary.


23.  What happens if my DJ does not show up?

        If this happens, you've hired someone else.

        In 30 years and over 1,100 events, we've never missed a single event.


24.  Do you need to see the room you’ll be working before the event?

       Almost never, We've worked in every possible situation in our 1,000+ events

       over the years and can make virtually any room or area work.


25.  Do we need to feed the DJ?

       Our DJs do not expect a meal at your event. At longer events

or events that run through a typical meal time DJ's appreciate an

offer of food but it is not expected. In truth, caterers typically offer the

DJ some food regardless of what our client does.


In any case, if your DJ is offered a meal

it will be consumed quickly and discreetly.


26.  How much should I tip the DJ?

       Tipping is not expected, but our DJs do work hard to provide you with the best

       possible event and appreciate any show of recognition that you might deem appropriate.


27.  Why should we choose Ampro Productions over any other service?

       We believe that we provide the best DJ & Karaoke service in the East Texas

        market. We pay attention to every detail and make every effort to make every

        event we do absolutely perfect. At most wedding receptions, it is the DJ or

        band that "makes-or-breaks" the event. A great DJ means a great party and an

        event you will never forget, practically regardless of any other circumstances.


        A bad DJ will send people home early and probably ruin the night, no matter

        how nice the rest of the day has been. Truly, the DJ might be the most critical

        decision one can make when planning your event. We believe you cannot find a

        higher quality DJ service in the area, and our prices are fair.


We hope to have the opportunity to serve you.