Tips For Our Singers

This Is Not A Talent Show.
Do Not Be Embarrassed. Have Fun! Give It A Shot!!

Choose A Song You Are Familiar With Or That You Feel Is Within Your Range.
Preferably A Song You Know Most Of The Words To.
It Will Ease The Stress Level.

Enunciate Your Words. Don’t Scream Into The Microphone.

Regulate Your Breath. Breath From Your Stomach Not Your Chest.

Focus On A Person Or Group Of People.

Smile. Put On A Happy Face And Use Body Gestures.

Perfect Your Own Style.
Do Not Try To Necessarily Imitate The Singer Of The Song You Choose.
Concentrate More On Staying In Key Utilizing Your Own Voice.

Try To Relax Your Vocal Chords. Do Not Strain Your Voice.

If You Would Like Help Singing Your Song Ask The Host/Hostess Or
Invite Someone From The Audience. If This Is Your First Singing Experience,
You May Feel More Comfortable With A Group For Support.

PLEASE DO NOT be that person that is always trying to sing with others.


Pick Out a song of your own to sing. When you ask to "Back Up" another singer

you are doing two things, one telling them that they are not good enough

and they need backing up. Two - they probably will not tell you no

because they do not want to be rude to you. Truth is they put in a song for them to sing.

If they want you to sing with them they will ask you. 

Do Not Walk In Front Of The Speakers

Or Point The Microphone In The Direction Of The Speakers

As This Will Cause Feedback.

One final note:

Please do not scream into the microphone, it not only makes you sound bad

and hurts the audiences ears, it can destroy the system which would totally
shut down the show and all the fun for everyone.


This Is a NO NO, Try  Talking.

(While You Are Talking Your Host Will Adjust Your Mic).

See You At The Show