I hope your wheels keep on rollin' and your bandage stays on tight,
I hope the wind is at your back and there ain't a Bear in sight,
I hope your load is on the money and you get some sleep tonight,
Good luck 'n' good truckin' tonight.

I hope the chicken coops are closed and you can ride without a care,
I hope the toll booths are broke and you don't have to pay no fare,
Hope your coffee stays real hot & your favorite place you can grab a bite,
Good luck 'n' good truckin' tonight.

I hope your rig runs like a top and your engine keeps it's cool,
Your bridges are all sixteen-five and your road is straight and smooth,
I hope you quit when you want to quit,
I hope you ride when you want to ride,
Good luck 'n' good truckin' tonight.

I hope the D.O.T. he lets you be, and doesn't shake you down,
Hope your detours are detoured & you can bypass every town,
Hope the rain stays out of your way and the four wheel traffic's light,
Good luck 'n' good truckin' tonight

I hope your run ain't in Ohio or Louisiana's I-One-O
But if it is, I'll tell you friend, you might best take it slow,
I hope your log books are logged and the Good Lord treats you right,

Good luck 'n' good truckin' tonight.