Clickin' along headed through town,
thought nothing was gonna slow me down,
Then I had a...flat tire.
Dang it, I ain't got no spare,
it's an inside flat, I ain't goin' nowhere,
Not with a...flat tire.

So I work like a dog in the midday sun to get a lug nut off,
but it ain't no fun,
That son of a gun must of used an air gun,
and there ain't one around for miles,
So I break one-nine for an S.O.S.,
somebody took my "twenty" said he'd send some help
But it's been three hours and he ain't here yet,
 just me and a...flat tire.

Well, I would start walkin' but it'd be my luck,
They'd take my load and steal my truck and leave that...flat tire.
So, I sit on the shoulder with a cold cup of coffee, and a stale bag of Fritos
Just feelin' plum awful, starin' at a...flat tire.