Down In Tennessee
Mark Chesnutt

I talked to your sister last night on the telephone
You know she always thought pretty well of me
She said that the wedding went fine
 and you were up in New York on your honeymoon
Tonight I'm down, in Tennessee

I got that letter you wrote, it tore me up
But I don't have anyone to blame but me
I had it all for a while but like everything else
I messed it up
Tonight I'm down, in Tennessee


It's blue tonight and getting bluer
But I'm in the state that I deserve to be
Without you I just can't see things ever looking up for me
I'm so down, in Tennessee

I hope you're happy with him, he's a lucky man
I hope he gives you that home and family
I just want to say if by chance you are ever this way, look me up
I'll be down, in Tennessee

repeat Chorus